Hello. Thanks for stopping by. I write books and blog occasionally.

I’m excited to tell you that all three ‘Island Dog Squad’ novellas are now on Amazon from today, 12 December 2018. The series was inspired by Sandy, our lovely rescue dog. Check out the trailer here. Sandy has written a few blog posts to tell you a little about her pals and their characters in the story.

The following are my adult books so far and a few of the songs I’ve collaborated on. For more detailed information take a look around or like my  Facebook page to get up-to-date information, new releases and special offers. Alternatively, you can follow me on Amazon or BookBub if that’s your thing.

‘Tour of Duty’ is a moving song. The melody and singing is by Pru Clearwater, and I wrote the words.

‘Abducted by Aliens’ is an unusual take on a relationship that’s gone wrong. I wrote the words and the music and singing is by Jools Rixon.