Aliens Guide

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“This book was so amusing I was walking down the street reading it, gaining strange looks in the process each time I laughed out loud.”
“A fascinating look at humans from the perspective of aliens and alien spiders. Funny and intriguing I loved every page. So well written that I feel I know the families – both human and alien – intimately. I’ve never read anything like it before and would highly recommend it.”
“This book takes a very different look at how we (humans live) and I have absolutely no idea how the author managed to develop such a perspective in so fine a detail. It is humorous, well written and above all interesting from start to finish. I never expected the spider perspective to be so revealing.”
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“What a great author, expect everything from this book, from love, humour, surprise, sadness, twists and turns etc. It doesn’t matter what genre you read you will not be disappointed.”

“Change of direction by a very talented author, but yet another fabulous literary tale worthy of praise. Recommended.” 

“Can’t wait for the 3rd book now. Was gripped from start to finish and left wanting more.”

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030917 – Outtakes – An Alien’s Guide to the Human Species