For Children

Front cover final - 07 May 15 .pdf

We received the joyful news on Christmas Day 2014 that our lovely niece Rebecca and her wonderful husband Craig were expecting their first baby. They asked if I’d write a book to celebrate the birth, telling me that Craig liked penguins (subtle eh?). That’s how the idea for Jason the Penguin was hatched. Arya Williamson surprised everyone (especially her mum and dad) when she arrived a little earlier than expected on 25 April 2015.

After reading (or listening to) my book, you may wish to show your children this small Penguin Presentation  and Fairy penguin facts. These go down well in schools after the reading.

Can Jason overcome his fear of the water by learning to swim with the help of a friendly sea lion? Find out in the the second book.




Reindeer Dreams was my first book. Here’s a little about the characters. 


Si The Snowy Owl           –           Teenager, thinks he’s a real cool dude.

Si’s Dad, Snowy Owl        –           A firm but fair former Army chap.  Si is naughty to                                                                         some little mice so his dad makes him read a story to all the boys and girls.

Barry The Reindeer           –           Strong and cute young reindeer.  All his life he’s dreamed of having a place on Santa’s Team.

Abby, Reindeer                   –           Gorgeous girl reindeer, but a little shy.

Auntie Pattie, Reindeer       –           Matchmaker, helps get Barry and Abby together.

Rudolf, Reindeer                –           Team leader and Barry’s Uncle.


Blitzen, Reindeer                –           Team member, likes a wee whisky a bit too much!


Jeffrey, Reindeer                –           Wants to get on the team and make his Dad really proud.