My Favourite Books

I only post positive 4 or 5 star reviews of books I love. Here’s a selection:

The Magic of Grandfather Time – 5 stars

This captivating short story had me hooked from the start. Rose English has that rare talent of being able to transport you to another time and place. I felt as if I were in the corner of the room watching and listening to the action. Her characters are well rounded and her stories have just the right amount of wonderful description to keep the reader enthralled. Thoroughly enjoyable, readers of all ages will find delight in this book.

The magic of grandfather time


The Istanbul Puzzle by Laurence O’Bryan – 5 Stars

The Istanbul Puzzle is a fast-paced and exciting adrenaline fueled adventure that takes you from London to the streets and tunnels of Istanbul. The modern day story is believable and well crafted with three-dimensional characters brought to life by Laurence O’Bryan. The descriptions are superbly detailed, without slowing down the story. At one stage I felt as if I were transported to a tunnel with the characters and ended up shouting out loud as I turned the pages – a measure of the author’s skill.
A brilliant and thrilling action adventure. Highly recommended.

The Istanbul Puzzle Image

She Never Got to Say Goodbye by Ica Iova – 5 Stars

‘She Never Got to Say Goodbye’ quickly draws you in to the story and the lives of the characters. Olivia meets her ideal soul mate (or so she thinks) but as their relationship starts to unravel, she comes to realise that he’s not as perfect as she first thought. Olivia is murdered and her ghostly being seeks to exact revenge.
The author does a great job of unwinding the complex plot with a compelling writing style that makes this book hard to put down.
A thoroughly enjoyable read and highly recommended.

She Never Got to Say Goodbye Image

A Standard Journey – 5 Horses 2 People and 1 Tent by Jackie Parry – 5 Stars

It takes guts, determination and a sense of adventure to quit the real world and packsaddle part of Australia, but that’s exactly what Jackie Parry and her husband Noel did. They decided to sell everything, buy five horses and travel Australia’s Bicentennial Trail and this is the story of that amazing adventure.
Jackie’s writing is honest, clever and compelling as she describes the good and bad days and how the couple discovered new aspects to their already long-term relationship. On the good days her joy and contentment were almost palpable and on the bad I could have cried with her.
From buying and training the horses to the hardship and pleasure of the trail (including mammoth packing and unpacking sessions), this book was totally captivating, and also very funny in parts.
A must read for animal lovers and adventurers. In fact, I highly recommended ‘A Standard Journey’ for anyone who enjoys a good read.

Jackie Parry

Mulligan’s Reach by Jennie Orbell – 5 Stars

Mulligan’s Reach is a thrilling, cross-genre story based on a beautiful Australian island. Some of the characters are damaged, (possibly beyond repair?) but so real that I was rooting for them from the start.
The author’s descriptions are fabulous. She does enough to convey the mood and tease your senses without boring you with over the top flowery language:
(…taking in the huge grapefruit coloured moon casting its Super Trouper light across the sea: a beaming beacon, lighting a mystical pathway to the stars…)
You can almost feel the tension as it builds up to a crescendo and when you think you know what’s going to happen next, forget it, there’s another surprise around the corner.
A real page-turner in the true sense of the word; I read this book in record time and loved every minute!
If you enjoy unpredictable books that will keep you guessing until the end, you’ll love Mulligan’s Reach.
I hope there’s a sequel.

Mulligans Reach

The Threshold by Anita Kovacevic – 5 Stars

A short book with a big punch.
Anita Kovacevic very cleverly draws the reader into the story about a deserted, mysterious house and the people who may decide to enter. Will greed, curiosity or the chance of fame tempt anyone inside? And if so, will they come out alive and win the prize?
For me, the real entertainment in this book was the moral dilemma faced by the characters and how they decided to deal with it. Thought-provoking and surprising until the end ‘The Threshold’ is an excellent read with an obvious moral lesson, for adults.
Highly recommended.

The Threshold

When Darkness Breaks – 4 Stars

This very well written book was outside my usual genre but quickly drew me in.
The sanity and stability of a once happy family are tested to the extreme when everything changes following a tragic accident. It was easy to connect with the characters and I really felt for them when their lives imploded. The story is a reminder that love and happiness have to be worked at and should not be taken for granted.
An enjoyable highly recommended short read – I look forward to reading more from Traci Sanders.

When Darkness Breaks

The Fourth Descendent – Four Stars

The Fourth Descendent is a fast-paced mystery in which four strangers come together. The link between them is missing keys, handed down by their ancestors. All four keys are required to open a safe…
The characters were well developed and felt real and I enjoyed the many twists and turns – the author kept me guessing right to the end. The book had the feel of a good yarn and it reminded me of ‘National Treasure’ in some ways. It would make a great movie. Highly recommended.

The Fourth Descendent