My Songs

I wrote some lyrics before writing stories. I collaborated with various musicians and most of the songs here won a semi-final place in the UK Song Writing Contest.

We Belong Together

We Belong Together’ is well cheesy!  I wrote the words to surprise Allan for our 25th Wedding Anniversary (it worked!).

Jools Rixon wrote the music and it’s sung by Jools and Mel Ormesher.

Fallen Heroes

Fallen Heroes’ is a sad, moving song.  I wrote it and had it demoed by the GISC.  The demo is really good but the song is

a bit hymn like.  Have a listen and have some tissues to hand!

Abducted by Aliens

I love this song!  It’s an unusual take on a relationship that’s gone wrong.  I wrote the words and Jools Rixon is singing and wrote the music.  Let me know what you think.

Tour of Duty

A moving song.  The melody and singing is by Pru Clearwater and I wrote the words.  If a loved one is away doing their duty, you’re going to need some tissues handy!

Paradise in your Arms

Paradise in Your Arms was co-written with the very talented Jools Rixon – this was the first song we wrote together.


For anyone who’s lost their father.