Not Your Average Sunday (6)

I usually love Sunday mornings. The people parents are always in, instead of rushing off to work or out gallivanting like they do on weekdays. Derek might clean the pool or tidy the garden and Lilia sort the washing or potter about the house. Kara the cat usually annoys me less when they’re about which is a bonus. Sometimes I join in with the activities, others I lie around doing nothing. Whatever I’m doing, I simply enjoy just hanging with the family.

That all changed last Sunday.

I sensed something wasn’t right as soon as I opened my eyes, and my nose started twitching. Smoke! The lazy day vibe completely disappeared as Derek made a quick call to the neighbours. Their curtains were closed and I listened as he explained that a fire was heading our way!

We all did a search for Kara, to no avail. The decision was made to evacuate and it was only then that I realised I quite like the old girl. Yes I know she’s a pain and we enjoy winding each other up, but she’s our pain.

It was lovely at the beach where the people parents had their breakfast. But it was still a worry not knowing whether we and many others would have a home to return to, and whether we would discover a charcoaled cat.

Derek made some calls a little later and after a family discussion, it was decided that it was safe to return. The fire fighters, helicopter/plane pilots and some helpful civilians had done a marvellous job. The fire had been contained and as far as I’m aware, there was no serious damage to person or property. But what about the cat? I later discovered that Kara decided to have a sleep over with one of the neighbourhood toms (they’re just friends by the way, she’s not that sort of cat). She sauntered into the kitchen with not a care in the world, which is very unlike her as she’s a serial worrier.

It was a worry for all of us and I’ve taken some photos this morning to show you some of the damage. So sad looking I think you’ll agree.

I would love to say that everything’s back to normal now, but not so in our house. We’ve had more visitors than usual and some of the furniture has disappeared. I hear talk of pastures new but they haven’t sat me down yet and told me exactly what’s going on. I’ll let it ride for a bit. After last Sunday I know they wouldn’t go anywhere without me and as long as my little family is together – except Victoria who’s working in London – I really don’t mind where we live. I will miss this place and a number of people (especially Allan next door, who’s such great fun). But the world is a global village and I can always use Face Time to keep in touch.

Until next time folks, keep safe.

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