The Afterlife Series


Who would have thought that a trail of ants could inspire a whole series!  Read the sample

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“Deb McEwan’s contemporary paranormal thriller, Beyond Death, is both thought-provoking and entertaining. The author constructs a set of plausible worlds, both the present and the hereafter, and inhabits both with an intriguing set of characters. McEwan’s characters are well developed, and their relationships are neatly interwoven and fun to follow. I especially enjoyed following Claire and Ron as they explore their after-life circumstances, and Carol and Val as they work to rebuild their lives. Highly recommended.”  Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

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“Beyond Life is an incredibly humorous story about the afterlife. The characters are extremely realistic and engaging. McEwan did a wonderful job of creating real characters that I fell in love with, cried with, and laughed with like they were real people. I can’t wait to see what happens to Claire and her friends in future installments. Beyond Life is funny, interesting, thought provoking and a little dark and scary, which makes it a truly fantastic read. McEwan writes with an excellent sensitivity to her characters and readers. McEwan has an incredible imagination and sense of humor that takes this story to the next level and won’t disappoint those who pick it up.”  Taylor Wade for Readers’ Favorite

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“I read the third book in this series in less than a day. Fantastic!” M Hughes

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